מס' כרטיס 122630

פרטים אישיים
אני גבר, בן 39 מחפש אישה
סטאטוס רווק גר ברמת גן, מרכז
נולדתי ב: לא עודכן ואני דתי
המראה שלי
מראה חיצוני: מתחת לממוצע מבנה גוף: אתלטי
גובה: 1.86 מטרים משקל: 80-90 קילו
עיניים: שחורות שיער: שחור קצר חלק
קצת עליי
עישון: מידי פעם מצבי הכלכלי: אמיד
השכלתי: דוקטורט תחום העיסוק: לא עודכן
מאפיין אותי
ספורט: לא עודכן חיות: לא עודכן
הרגלי תזונה: לא צמחוני מגבלה בריאותית: אין
אני מחפש
למטרת: ידידות, זוגיות, נישואין עישון: לא משנה לי
מצב משפחתי: לא משנה לי השכלה: לא משנה לי

תכונות האופי שלי

אכפתי/ת, רומנטי/ת, רגיש/ה, אוהב/ת לצחוק, בטוח/ה בעצמי, מעניין/ת

קצת עליי

MY REELL NAME IS: Daniel Mayer von Hindenburh BIOMCANIC Expert, the reason I'm called Daniel Miara is because I'm an adopted son, I was brought BIOMCANIC from Germany to Israel at the age of two months and when I was six months old, 2 wonderful parents took me for adoption, the biological parents are German Jews who are no longer in the world, and I never approached, I am a person whose profession is thinking and stretching the muscles of the brain 16 hours a day, I live like an astronaut (at least that's what the teachers used to tell me at school) I returned to Germany at the age of 20 to study biomechanics and obtain a PHD in Berlin, And then immediately I was recruited for research in a laboratory in Frankfurt for 12 years. For the last 4 years, I was head of the main research team for the development of vision for the blind by bypassing the infrastructure of the eye and removing blood vessels and tubes that belong to the transmission of brain structures to the infrastructure system of the protocortex, and that's how I made up 3 candidates who hadn't seen darkness for nearly 30 years to see (although the vision is not yet complete and you can currently see figures and the sun and night and light) but it is being upgraded all the time according to the current rate they will see better than the normal eye because sophisticated photography systems today have 12K resolution capabilities and this will reach in the coming years also to the blind from birth, in all Mikra I deal in biomechanics from another direction of building organs for transplantation by genetic cloning, I won't bore you too much, I didn't get married and I don't have children, (I married science) And it causes loneliness that is not easy, my parents have been happily married for 60 years And I am together without brothers and sisters who wants to start a family, but not at all costs, only if I fall in love with my wife. Today I am in Israel in the process of setting up a research laboratory myself.....not easy because it involves a lot of bureaucracy and I am stupid in everything related to it, Philosophical and psychological I wrote 2 books against chaos theory and biological and molecular arguments that there is no hold for this type of theory, But when it comes to shopping, cooking, running a house...I'm really below zero, so I need a boss at home and in the accounts to manage me and her because I'm just ashamed to say, (lucky that my head is connected to my shoulders) otherwise I would forget him too. We would be happy to hear some details from you, what do you like to do, how do you see your family model, which topics are painful, which topics are happy...? My picture and by the way yours too is very difficult to see a person through pictures or you suddenly see a handsome man or vice versa (in relation to what the camera transmits..... So I decided to pay less attention to it until at least a video meeting because simply from experience, what you see or what I see is always radically different from what is in practice, so even I'm not the type, I don't recommend looking at the pictures too much, because it's easy to steer the camera in the most optimal direction, which is far from reality the real one... Good luck Daniel

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